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Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire. He loves to see people change the way they think and enter new seasons of growth for their work. If you have a couple of hours, ask him about his new golf swing.
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Posts by Steve Scanlon

Pink Floyd, Natural Disasters and the Lizard Brain

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 07, 2017

Unless you have sworn off all news and/or have been traveling to Antarctica over the past two weeks, you have undoubtedly heard of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas. I’m sure many of you have already donated to an organization that helps the people who have suffered so much loss, but still so many more of us could.

You Know You Should Invest, But In What?

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 02, 2017

As those of you in our growing tribe have heard many times over, you have a lizard brain. We all do. It is one of the things that makes us human. The lizard brain is considered one of the primary mechanisms for our fight or flight response. And even though we here at Rewire teach on four very distinct characteristics of the lizard brain, it is important to note that learning to “still your lizard” is nothing shy of crucial to your success – irrespective of even how you define “success.”

Getting Things Done: Structure, Passion and Shipbuilding

By Steve Scanlon |   May 18, 2017


"What You Do" Isn't the Most Important Part of Your Work. Focus on This Instead.

By Steve Scanlon |   Mar 09, 2017

“What do you do?” This is a common question that we ask each other at cocktail parties and other friendly gatherings. We have been answering that question for most of our adult life. “I’m a dentist.” “I sell Real Estate.” “I am a high school English teacher.”

If You Want Change, Start with Stillness

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 20, 2017

The original idea that fueled the birth of Rewire, Inc. was that human beings, throughout our entire lives, have the capacity to change. It was that simple. It still is. This is the root belief that we at Rewire keep coming back to: change in our thinking and change in our action is not only possible but could be at the very core of what makes us fully human.

Listen Deeply. Emotional Intelligence When It Really Matters.

By Steve Scanlon |   Nov 09, 2016

Like millions of others, I awoke this morning in disbelief. I’ll preface this article by saying, for the record, Rewire, Inc. takes no official position about political outcomes. That is, we neither cheer or boo for any individual winner or loser. Instead, we will observe and do our best to listen and understand.

A 3-Stage Model for Growth Leadership (And Learning)

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 28, 2016

I have spent the better part of the last 17 years with the vocation of helping people improve —improve their lives, their businesses, their sales, their teams, etc. My primary way of working with people has been what some refer to as “coaching.” I don’t particularly attach myself to that category today, but if it helps people understand what we do, then so be it.

The Power We Have for Change Is Real

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 05, 2016

One of the greatest gifts in the world is having both the desire and ability to change. You might not think of these as a gift, but how many of you know of someone who really needs to change, but has no desire to? Or, how many people in other parts of the world wake up with the desire for change, but the circumstances around them don’t give them that choice? For them, change is a luxury. This is why I say the desire and ability to change is one of the greatest gifts we can have. And it is very likely that if you are reading this article that you are one of those with the power (desire + ability) to change.

What If We Are Not What We Repeatedly Do?

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 15, 2016

So, as it turns out, Aristotle may not have actually said “we are what we repeatedly do.” Or, he may have said something along these lines in Classic Greek, but it doesn't quite translate into English. Whatever the origins, this quote is oft used by people who are trying to get others to examine their habits, their actions, and their lives.

Awareness Changes Things

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 11, 2016


Looking for Perspective in the Face of Tragedy

By Steve Scanlon |   Jul 12, 2016

It was a hot August day in 1963. Dr. Martin Luther King valiantly stood in front of a crowd of over a quarter million people in Washington, D.C. and told the world that he had a dream. In order for that dream to be realized, people of all races, colors and creeds were going to need to think differently. Eventually, we would need to act differently. But if all we needed to do was “act” differently, then Dr. King would have laid out a plan and not articulated a dream.

Letting Go Is A Learned Skill

By Steve Scanlon |   Jul 07, 2016

One vexing question I’ve been thinking about lately is why, even with all the research going on related to reducing stress, stress in the workplace (and, frankly, at home) is ostensibly as high as it has always been. For instance:

Running Out of Time to Exercise and Rest

By Steve Scanlon |   Jun 15, 2016

A wise man once told me that the best time to plant an oak tree is 25 years ago. The second best time is today. I love this simple aphorism because it points to the idea that, even if it will take time to reap the rewards of our efforts, the best time to start something new is now.

Could We Make Change A Little Easier? Here Are Two Ideas.

By Steve Scanlon |   Jun 01, 2016

It is particularly difficult to sustain a new action or a new habit if we cannot change the way we think. And changing the way we think about something is one of the most challenging things you may ever do in your life.

If Mindfulness Is So Good for Us, Why Is It Hard to Do? (And How Can We Make It Easier?)

By Steve Scanlon |   May 11, 2016

For the past few years there have been numerous scientifically and statistically valid studies showing the positive effects of what many in the neurosciences are referring to as “mindfulness.” We have noted here on The Wireboard that, whether you want to call it mindfulness or meditation, awareness or centering prayer, there is growing consensus that practicing some daily ritual to still the active mind leads to incredible mental and physical health benefits. For instance, here are just a few quick examples of some recent studies in the case you wish to dive in deeper.

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