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Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon is the Founder and CEO of Rewire. He loves to see people change the way they think and enter new seasons of growth for their work. If you have a couple of hours, ask him about his new golf swing.
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Posts by Steve Scanlon

One Person's Journey Back from Burnout

By Steve Scanlon |   Feb 20, 2018


To Recover from Job Burnout, Start with These Questions

By Steve Scanlon |   Feb 13, 2018

There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know one's
self.  - Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard's Almanac, 1750

As I pointed out in the last post, job burnout is real. It is powerful and has lasting effects if not dealt with. It does not discriminate by vocation, age, job role, or intelligence. 


And yet, "burnout" is not a clearly-defined term. It can describe a broad spectrum of ailments, from mild annoyance to a profound sense of anguish. This is why, though hard, it's so important to "know one's self." If we don't, we miss the initial clues that we are heading towards burnout. We chalk them up to life's normal ups and downs and forge ahead, often repeating the very actions and behaviors that started us on the road toward burnout to begin with. 

3 Signs You're Suffering Job Burnout

By Steve Scanlon |   Feb 06, 2018

Have you ever been at the doctor's office and they ask you to rate your pain level from 1 to 10?

That is such a strange question! What would I say? 2.349? Or do I round to the nearest tenth? And how does the doctor know that my 3 isn't someone else's 8 (or vice versa)? I assume the question must be important for medical professionals, but the comedian in my head is imagining a Monty Python-esque sketch set in an ER. A man comes in on a stretcher mangled and bleeding. The doctors ask him to rate his pain on a scale of 1 to 10, to which the man replies weakly, "Probably a 2... maybe 3." Pain is such a relative thing. 

Will Working With a Mindset Coach Help My Pipeline?

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 29, 2018

The truth is that no one has a 360° view of themselves. Not me and not you and not just in regards to our actual bodies: this goes for our businesses too. No matter how objectively we think we see our businesses, there will be blind spots.

In the realm of sports, most professional athletes have figured this out. This is why they rely on coaches, and many athletes have their own personal trainer/coaches in addition to official team staff.

5 Habits To Build a Solid Loan Pipeline

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 29, 2018

It is the beginning of 2018. Still seems odd to think or type that.

Like so many other years, pipelines in the first quarter are off for many and loan officers around the country are hunting for ways to get back into the proverbial swing. With that in mind, we have 5 things you can do today to rev the engine back up. 

My Loan Pipeline Is Empty, Again.

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 29, 2018

“My Pipeline is looking scarce again”


This is something I’ve heard from countless

mortgage professionals that have been in the industry for a few years. And while it’s not a good place to be, the first step to resolving the problem of an empty loan pipeline is recognizing that you have one. 

Looking for Positive Change? Start with Sweat.

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

People that have chosen to develop the habit of working out regularly understand the value of a good sweat. 


At Rewire Inc, we don’t simply recommend that people exercise so that they feel better, or have a smaller waist, less fat or otherwise look better (though those byproducts certainly aren’t bad); we call for it because of what a good workout and a good sweat does for your mind.  There is a 

Rewire Live Series: Control

By Steve Scanlon |   Jan 12, 2018

Quick video on control today.  As a concept, I think this is pretty simple: whenever we lack control, we feel at some level that our survival is threatened and we start reacting in all sorts of ways to try to regain control - or even just the illusion of control.

Where Can You Get Motivation For Doing Work (Authentically)?

By Steve Scanlon |   Nov 10, 2017

Having Trouble Getting Stuff Done? Try This Short Thought Exercise

By Steve Scanlon |   Nov 03, 2017

Between all the consultants at Rewire, we get to do a lot of workshops with people who are hungry for real change.  

Rewire Launches The Lizard Quiz™!

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 31, 2017


Things I Learned from Listening to My Procrastination

By Steve Scanlon |   Oct 26, 2017

Last night before falling asleep, I had a brief and final thought about going for a good run in the morning. But the next morning, lo and behold, I wake, do some meditation, get to some work, and then realize that I have a headache. I almost felt queasy. I don’t really know why, but at about 8:00 the little man inside of me began to create reasons not to go for that run I had whole-heartedly committed to just hours before.  You know that little person, right?  He or she is the one inside of all of us crafting all manners of excuses for us not to do something.

A True Story About What's on the Other Side of Rewiring

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 21, 2017


Pink Floyd, Natural Disasters and the Lizard Brain

By Steve Scanlon |   Sep 07, 2017

Pink Floyd, natural disasters and the lizard brain.jpg

Unless you have sworn off all news and/or have been traveling to Antarctica over the past two weeks, you have undoubtedly heard of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas. I’m sure many of you have already donated to an organization that helps the people who have suffered so much loss, but still so many more of us could.

You Know You Should Invest, But In What?

By Steve Scanlon |   Aug 02, 2017

As those of you in our growing tribe have heard many times over, you have a lizard brain. We all do. It is one of the things that makes us human. The lizard brain is considered one of the primary mechanisms for our fight or flight response. And even though we here at Rewire teach on four very distinct characteristics of the lizard brain, it is important to note that learning to “still your lizard” is nothing shy of crucial to your success – irrespective of even how you define “success.”

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