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Steve Longan

Steve Longan is Rewire's Director of Research & Program Development. He's passionate about leveraging psychology and communication to develop growing, healthy workplaces. He's at "peak zen" (his words) when he's in his music studio.
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Posts by Steve Longan

Does Your Work Depend On You Being Right? (WHAT ARE THOSE?!)

By Steve Longan |   Oct 07, 2015

In today’s Wireboard article, I want to:

What's The Smallest Step You Can Take Today? (The Land Of Lost Songs)

By Steve Longan |   Aug 12, 2015

How Can You Tell When Familiarity Is Keeping You From Positive Growth?

By Steve Longan |   Jul 29, 2015

One common response we get from people after we help them to see their Lizard Brain is “Thank you for making me aware of my Lizard Brain…now how do I get rid of it?” The surprising answer we give people is "You can't kill the Lizard Brain -- nor would you want to.” And we're serious -- the Lizard Brain does some amazing things for us.

A Fun Exercise About Growth, Communication, Creativity And The Power Of Bricks

By Steve Longan |   Jul 02, 2015

I get to do a lot of interesting stuff for my work with Rewire. For instance, I wrote a few weeks ago about some eye-opening research I was doing on making better decisions. One of the other fun things I get to do with Rewire is design exercises for us to use in workshops, keynotes, retreats, etc., and today’s article is about one such exercise.  We’ll talk about: (1) How the exercise is setup, (2) what almost always happens with people as they do this exercise, and (3) what this means for sustainably growing our work.

LeBron James, Leadership And Investing In The Work Of Others

By Steve Longan |   May 27, 2015


Today’s Wireboard is a bit of a twofer. We’ll always talk about approaches to growing our work - but today’s article also has a healthy dose of NBA basketball mixed in. So if you've been looking to improve your work and read about basketball at the same time, today's your lucky day! If, on the other hand, you despise NBA basketball, feel free to forward this on to someone you don't like very much.

Building Rhythms Of Rest Into Our Work

By Steve Longan |   May 20, 2015

The picture for this article was taken from above the far corner of the music room at my house.  This is my drum kit. Now, I should say at the outset that I am not a good drummer. No one would mistake me for a professional and I have no designs on making a living from playing. I consider it a success that the people who listen to my playing do so with a “bemused tolerance."

You’ll Grow Faster If You Can Be Wrong Every Now And Then

By Steve Longan |   Apr 15, 2015


As Steve wrote last week, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of “risk” in our work. And so, as Rewire’s “R&D Fonzi” (my unofficial title), I get to plow headfirst into whatever I can get my hands on that will help individuals and teams understand how risk is impacting their work. I’ve gotten to spend hours and hours reading and thinking about things like judgement heuristics, game theory, prospect theory, etc. Eventually, I’ll bring my findings to the team and we’ll construct training workshops, team-building exercises, and tools for clients to use in order to turn a specific approach to risk into a competitive advantage for their work.

Have You Tried Forgetting About Your Problems And Investing In Others Yet?

By Steve Longan |   Mar 25, 2015

The picture at the top of this article may be tough to decipher at first. It’s 120 black backpacks laid out in a hotel ballroom. But it’s how we got all those backpacks that I want to talk about today.

Have You Tried Asking "So What?"

By Steve Longan |   Mar 11, 2015

Author's note: This idea originated with "Rewire Advisory Sage At Large" Lindon Crow. For those of you that don't know Lindon, he's one of our favorite people at Rewire.  He owns a company called Productive Learning, and his company's workshops are truly transformative experiences that are well worth your time if you have a chance to attend. This idea originally came from him and has captivated my attention over the past few months. So, much thanks to you, Lindon!

A True Story About Authentic Growth And “Good To Great”

By Steve Longan |   Feb 05, 2015

Julee-anne Bell lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and their two teenage sons.  And today’s Wireboard article is a story about her and her family. More specifically, it’s a story about their “arms.”

The Role Of Forgiveness In High-Performance Culture

By Steve Longan |   Dec 18, 2014

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the crucial role that paradox plays in high-performance culture. Today I want to tease one particular paradox that is absolutely necessary if we want to get better as individuals and teams in our work:

The Role Of Paradox In High-Performance Culture

By Steve Longan |   Nov 13, 2014

The Navy SEALs met us in the lobby of our hotel. Sunrise was about 10 minutes away. As 50 of us tried to rub the sleep out of our eyes, JC stood on the steps of the staircase exiting the lobby and gave us the scarcest of instructions about what we would be doing that morning. And before we knew it (partially due to sleep deprivation; partially due to the quickness with which they hustled us into rows of 2) we were jogging in formation in the half-light before dawn. We made our way down to the beach as the sun came over the horizon and burned off the slight haze hanging over the beach.

The Role Of Epiphanies In Our Work

By Steve Longan |   Sep 24, 2014

The Connections That Keep Our Work Alive

By Steve Longan |   Aug 27, 2014

The following events took place a few miles from the Rewire offices recently:

The Link Between Enjoyment And Positive Change

By Steve Longan |   Jul 23, 2014

 For those of you following us on social media (insert shameless plug to follow Rewire on Facebook and Twitter here), we've shared this video with you before.  It's a really fun video about a cool idea that could benefit a lot of people if replicated in other countries.

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