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How To Overcome Cognitive Biases and Make Better Decisions (Or, "What I Learned from the Holiday Party")

By Joe Shaffner |   Dec 09, 2016

As humans, we make decisions most of our waking hours. Left or right? Chicken or fish? Tide or Tide with whitening power? Speak up or stay quiet? Take the job or pass on it? New city? New house? Just in this short list, we can see that some of the decisions we make are mundane, while others may be a matter of life and death.

What Kind of Rewards Are the Best Motivators?

By Joe Shaffner |   Oct 20, 2016

Spend enough time around us and you’ll hear some form of the phrase “We can’t expect to act differently unless we first embrace having to think differently.” It’s something we practice internally and one of the mantras that guide our engagements with clients. And one of the things we’re on a mission to help people rewire is the way they think about the motivation for their work. And while there are many different dynamics to a concept like motivation, one area I like to focus on is Reward. One of the things I often ask my clients is how they reward themselves for an accomplishment or reaching a goal. This usually elicits one of three responses:

Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow: Getting Leverage on Procrastination

By Joe Shaffner |   Sep 05, 2016


Winning At Your Own Inner Game

By Joe Shaffner |   Jul 28, 2016

It’s been a great summer for sports. The Euro Soccer championship, Wimbledon, and the British Open. The matches seem to get closer every year, and the athletes always seem to find some new level of athleticism and grit. Serena Williams won her 22nd Grand Slam singles title with her 7th Wimbledon title. And at 34, this is her 9th Grand Slam win since she turned 30. At the British Open, Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson delivered what is being called “the greatest Open ever.” And the Olympics haven’t even started yet.

Time Management Series: Own Your Time — Don't Let Time Own You (Part Five)

By Joe Shaffner |   Jun 29, 2016

Time-Management Series: Own Your Time -- Don't Let Time Own You (Part Four)

By Joe Shaffner |   May 18, 2016


Time-Management series: Own Your Time - Don't Let Time Own You (Part Three)

By Joe Shaffner |   Apr 20, 2016

Own Your Time - Don’t Let Time Own You (Part Two)

By Joe Shaffner |   Feb 17, 2016

Own Your Time -- Don't Let Time Own You

By Joe Shaffner |   Dec 16, 2015


Are You Going To Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Work?

By Joe Shaffner |   Oct 21, 2015

As I was transitioning to begin working with Rewire this past summer, I had the opportunity to take the month of August off from work. In addition to spending more time with my family and seeing my first son off to college, I was able to spend some quality time with several of my childhood friends in my home state of Maine.  In this article, I'd like to share a snapshot from that time and what we can all learn about sustainably growing our work.


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