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Jason Abell

Jason Abell is the President of Rewire. He is positively amped-up every time he sees his clients overcome obstacles that've dogged them in the past. If you're in the mood for an argument, start insulting his beloved Orioles.
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Posts by Jason Abell

What Keeps You Up At Night?

By Jason Abell |   Oct 14, 2015


I have run across this question a lot lately. I was in a workshop the other day when it came up. A friend of mine asked this question over lunch recently. And it came up again at leadership summit I facilitated 2 weeks ago. When the same question or theme comes up this many times in this short period of time, I start to pay attention. What's really being asked and what's behind the question, "What keeps you up at night?"

How To Enjoy Life Like The Italians

By Jason Abell |   Aug 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, the wife, kids, and I attended a wedding in the south of Italy (Sorrento to be exact). My nephew Danny (who is Italian) was getting married and invited his dear old Uncle Jason. Trip to Italy for an Italian wedding on the Mediterranean Sea? Ummm, yep! I’m in!

How To Invest In Others Like Uncle Vincent

By Jason Abell |   Jun 24, 2015

As many of you know from reading previous articles of mine, my WWII veteran/physician/real estate investor/all-around amazing father has taught me -- and anyone that spends much time around him -- life lessons that span generations and societal fads. This past Father’s Day, I decided to sit down with him and a voice recorder, ask a bunch of questions, push “record” and just sit back and listen. I am still blown away by what will surely be the first of many recording sessions. The first question I posed was around lessons he learned from his own father or father figures in his life as he was growing up. He told me all kinds of great things about his father, but what stuck out to me most were the things he told me about his uncle Vincent.

When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

By Jason Abell |   Jun 10, 2015

We all have things in our head that we want to do for the first time. We want to start really getting healthy for the first time or commit to reading a book a month or start making more sales calls. We have clients right now that want to start a marketing database or desire starting to get 8 hours of sleep a night, deepen certain relationships, or maybe even go skydiving for the first time. Logically, we know that we should begin some of these things, and there is even a part of us that desires to start some of these things but yet, simply put, we don’t.

How We Started A New System Today

By Jason Abell |   May 13, 2015

Today was not an easy day. Good things happened today, but it was not easy. Here’s the story:

What Gets Measured Gets Done

By Jason Abell |   Apr 22, 2015

I had an interesting conversation with a client during a one-on-one session (we’ll name this client Casey for fun, even though that’s not his real name). Casey said something like “Jason, I’ve never really been much of a numbers person. If you had asked me a month ago how much I weighed or what my sales production was last year, I could not tell you as I just hadn’t really kept track of that stuff.”

What We Can Learn from Penguins About Surviving and Positive Change

By Jason Abell |   Apr 01, 2015

In Antarctica, Emperor Penguins survive temperatures as low as -60 degrees and winds up to 100 mph by huddling together. This is a little odd for these penguins as they are usually very territorial and will not approach each other easily. But without this huddling activity, the frigid cold would sap their energy and they would die. So it really is a good thing that they get over their territorial selves and work together to survive. These penguin huddles can number in the hundreds or thousands and is truly amazing to watch in real time. (Video credit: PBS)


The more brain research we do at Rewire, the more we have found that, similar to our penguin friends, we humans also need each other -- not only to survive, but to thrive. When we experience a feeling of belonging or of safety in numbers, there is a chemical called oxytocin that is responsible for that. Oxytocin is released in our brains when we are connected with others. For example, oxytocin spurts when others remember our name or when we collaborate on a successful project with others at work or even when the people closest to us give us a hug. It turns out that oxytocin makes us feel good and we continually seek more of it. This is why we seek out social alliances such as teams, political groups, hobby associations, etc. And on the negative side, it is also why some humans attach so easily to gangs or religious cults. Even unhealthy associations are connections with others and oxytocin does not judge something good or bad, it just releases in your brain and makes you feel good.


So you may be asking “Great Jason, but what do penguins and this chemical oxytocin really have to do with one another and how does any of this help me get to where I want to go in my life or in my business?” Well, I’m glad you asked…


You see, if we want to get better at something, make more sales, be healthier or happier than we currently are today, then being in community with one another will help. Heck, there is even research showing that those of us with healthy relationships live longer. Check out more about this little factoid here in a report from the Harvard Medical School  No matter where it is that you want to go or what it is that you want to change or improve on, there are people out there that can help you and want to help you. When you connect with those people, oxytocin will be released which will make you feel good, socially trusted, and connected. And when you feel socially trusted and connected, you are more likely to make the positive change you seek. See my intricate chart below which illustrates this point:

Oh, and let’s not forget our friends the Emperor Penguins, who remind us that while our community of people will indeed help us with all those positive changes we want to make, they could also keep us warm!




Author's Note: Thanks to my daughter, Julia, for the idea behind this article. As I drove her to school this morning, I told her that I was going to write an article for The Wireboard and asked her what I should write about. She said, “I think you should write about how people can Rewire........ or penguins.” Thanks, Julia.


What's Your Story?

By Jason Abell |   Mar 04, 2015


You Can Still Start Now

By Jason Abell |   Jan 29, 2015

A few months ago, we published an article about not quitting something that you start. This article detailed one man’s amazing quest to finish an Iron Man race that he started even though the odds were thoroughly stacked against him. As we learn about how others persevere through challenges, we can gain insight into ourselves and how we may develop similar perseverance. From the feedback we received on this article, we gleaned that the idea of “not quitting” resonated with many of you.

The 6 Items Needed To Achieve The Impossible In 53.24 Days

By Jason Abell |   Jan 08, 2015

My daughter, Julia, is working on changing some of her homework habits and last night she asks me “Daddy, it takes 21 days to create a new habit, right?” I spared Julia the half-day workshop  that we do for business people on changing and creating success habits. Instead we chatted about 6 of the basic items that successful people carry along their journey to changing habits and achieving great things (even ones that may have seemed impossible at one time). Here are those items:

The Difficult We Do Immediately And The Impossible Takes A Little Longer

By Jason Abell |   Nov 19, 2014


It was Fall 1979 and my dad and I had just finished the last leaf raking and lawn mowing of the year. This meant it was time to empty the gas out of the mower's tank and put it away for the winter. But we had a problem: the little handheld pump on the syphon that we normally used for such jobs was busted. Turning the mower upside down to pour the gas out was really not a viable option and leaving the gas in the tank for the Winter would mean a non-starting mower come Spring (since the gas would go stale by then).

How To Resign From A Job You Hate (In 6 Steps)

By Jason Abell |   Oct 23, 2014

During the last few weeks we have written articles about when it might be the right time to leave a job as well as a mental approach to starting something new. We have many clients who seem to be in a transitional time in their lives and we’ve come to the conclusion here at Rewire that people are always in a state of transition (Heck, "a state of transition" is almost the very essence of being a human!) So, today we tackle the topic of how to resign with grace and professionalism. And we'll take this topic on whether it's from a job that you don’t like, or really from any job no matter how you feel about it (I got you with the title didn’t I?!).

You Know It’s Time To Leave When... (A Short Story)

By Jason Abell |   Oct 01, 2014

If you had asked me the middle of last year "What will you be doing career-wise for the next 20 years?" I would have said confidently “mortgage banking.” You see, I started full-time in the mortgage industry during the Fall of 1993 as an assistant to two high level mortgage bankers. They trained me and allowed me to shadow them, which lead me to the point where I was able to tackle the task of originating home loans on my own. I was still living with my parents at the time and within a year or so I started making some money at that job.

Why “The Work” Is So Important

By Jason Abell |   Aug 13, 2014


The sweet, delicious corn that our family has been able to enjoy during our Summer dinners this year has been nothing short of spectacular. Just seeing the hot, steaming corn dripping with butter next to a mountain of hard shell crabs or beside some perfectly steamed green vegetables makes my mouth water. As I tell my wife Amy how great the corn is, I'm reminded of the hard work that went into making that corn on my plate a reality. It was work that started months ago with the tilling of the soil in the fields, planting the seed corn, watering, weeding, watching, etc.

What Happens To Us When We Invest In Others

By Jason Abell |   Jul 18, 2014

The family and I just finished a 6 day mission trip to the The Dominican Republic and I am settled into my seat on a plane back to the US. I can now take a breath and write a little about what I learned. This was the first time our four-person family (13 year old Julia, 11 year old JJ, and middle aged Mom and Dad) have served others internationally and I must say that it was quite an experience. During this trip, we purposefully visited the most impoverished places to help in any way that we could during our short stay there. We painted houses, held babies and played with children that don't get much positive adult attention, put on medical clinics and small music concerts, and attended church services. I could (and probably will) write long articles about the extreme poverty we witnessed during our stay and the things that we can do about it that actually make a difference, but that is not what this article is about. Instead this little story is about what happens to us when we invest ourselves in others.

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