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Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD

Edie Raphael is consultant and coach with Rewire. She is passionate about mindful work practices and organizational culture change. She is also one of the kindest, most brutal yoga instructors you will meet.
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Posts by Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD

The Power of Work-Place Rituals: Thriving and Changing Together

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Jan 27, 2016

One of the main topics we address at Rewire is how to manage change. We start with the premise that no one likes change because the most primitive part our brain (often called the Lizard Brain) prefers familiarity. Every time our rational mind wants or needs to do things differently, the Lizard Brain protests…loudly. Individually, we can find ways to quiet our own Lizard Brain (and you can find many of those as you read our articles here on The Wireboard). But I would also like to offer a solution that teams and businesses can implement collectively to buffer the stress of big changes on the work front: the workplace ritual.

A Quick-Start Guide to Mindfulness (Part 2): Simple and Powerful...But Not Easy

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Dec 02, 2015

In last week's Wireboard article, I outlined numerous amazing benefits to practicing mindfulness. Given all of these benefits, you would think that all of us looking to be more productive and healthier would be taking 10 to 30 minutes a day for a mindfulness practice, right? Well, it turns out that sitting still and “quieting” the mind is simple…but not easy. We live in a culture that worships busyness, action and doing, and so many struggle to find the time and the justification to stop doing and thinking for any amount of time.

A Key Practice for Ruling Your World (Part One)

By Edith "Edie" Raphael, PhD |   Nov 25, 2015

Editor's note: Another new voice to welcome on The Wireboard: Edie Raphael! You can read more about Edith's background and why we're excited to have her onboard on her bio page. For now, enjoy this article from Edith!

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